Why do you need a creatinine urine test? What is this for? A creatinine urine test is to test how well your kidney is filtering waste material. It is essential in checking if your urine is functioning properly to rule out kidney conditions.

The Creatinine Urine Test

But first, what is creatinine and why is it being checked in the urine? Creatinine is actually a waste product. It is produced from muscle metabolism. The kidneys filter creatine out of the blood and send them out through urine. Hence, if the kidney is not functioning properly, creatinine and other waste materials will still linger in your blood system causing you to be unhealthy and prone to health conditions.

Creatinine 24-Hour Volume urine Test (Preparation)

Our creatinine urine test requires a 24-hour preparation to get the best results. It is non-invasive and there is no pain this test. There are no risks as well. However, proper preparation should be done to collect urine correctly and get accurate results.

But before the test, there are some important rules and reminders to follow. We strongly advise our clients to:

  • Tell us if they are pregnant.
  • Let us know any medication and supplements taken.
  • What the doctor advised to avoid eating and drinking during the test.
  • Understand the process of the test clearly.
  • To schedule the test at a convenient time since the urine will be stored or 24 hours.

There will be no fasting required for the creatinine urine test. However, the success of the test lies on how well you can follow the instructions.

Creatinine 24-Hour Volume urine Test (Procedure)

We will give you the containers you will need to collect your urine samples for a 24-hour period. Only use these containers for collecting and storing your urine. Bear in mind that every instruction should be carefully followed to avoid repeating the procedure.

  • The test starts in the morning. Record the time of your first urine but do not collect it.
  • After the first morning urine, collect each urine for the next 24 hours. Refrigerate all urine samples.
  • On the next day, collect the first morning urine. This should be the same time as you started yesterday.


All containers should be tightly sealed. All urine samples should be kept refrigerated until it is time to return the containers to us. In addition, please do tell us if you missed collecting a urine sample or urine has spilled or if you weren’t able to refrigerate the samples properly.

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