White coat syndrome, or the fear of the doctor’s office, afflicts more than 20 percent of our population. There’s something about most medical facilities that makes patients feel uneasy before the appointment even begins. If you’re someone whose blood pressure rises at the sight of a lab coat, take the time to learn about how your choice in testing labs makes a difference. At Vista’s Patient Service Centers, our staff is dedicated to making every visit feel calming and relaxing.

The first step to fighting this anxiety is to acknowledge it and talk to the staff at your local Patient Service Center, where our medical professionals are always available to help. Once the lines of communication are open, it will be easy to take your mind off things and unwind. Since drawing blood is often dreaded by patients, we train our phlebotomists to ensure patients are relaxed and experience as little discomfort as possible during testing.

One of the easiest ways to feel calm is to surround yourself with a tranquil environment. Our facilities are comfortable, clean and inviting, and every visitor is greeted with a smile by our welcoming and amiable staff. The soothing atmosphere of our patient service centers includes leather chairs and rooms decorated with Tuscan paintings, flowers, potpourri and warm colors. We provide TV, fresh coffee and reading material for all visitors. Since our facilities aren’t cold and clinical, many parents prefer to bring their kids to our happy, friendly environment.


Feeling stressed leading up to an appointment raises your anxiety levels and leaves you with a bad impression of medical facilities. To help make you feel more at ease, we help you eliminate all stressors that surround typical diagnostic testing. Apart from the amenities, we work with you to make your experience as flexible and stress-free as possible. With more than 40 locations in Florida, it’s easy to find a testing lab near you. We provide early hours, so patients who are required to fast 8-12 hours prior to their test are able to come in as early as 7 a.m. You never have to make an appointment, and wait times average less than seven minutes.

Overall, easing stress is the best way to make your lab test go smoothly, and our mission is to make that possible for you.

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