Clinical diagnostics are important when you are facing different medical issues. It helps your doctor make a more accurate diagnosis about your condition, and forms of treatment… if necessary.

There are various different clinical laboratory tests, these tests usually have more than one purpose. Lab personnel can tell you the names & purposes of various tests, but if you are wondering why your doctor keeps sending you to the clinical laboratory, there are usually four major reasons for ordering a clinical diagnostics or laboratory test:

(1) Determination of diagnosis

(2) For monitoring purposes, for instance the effect of drug therapy

(3) Screening purposes, detection or early warning markers of possible health concerns

(4) For medical research in order to understand how a particular disease and/or virus progresses.
If you have questions about particular test results, direct your questions to your physician as he or she knows your medical history.

Some people wonder if clinical laboratories differ from one another. And while every laboratory in the country strives to provide accurate lab results, it is true that not every lab is the same. This is why choosing the right clinical laboratory is important.

Over 75% of your doctor’s decisions about your health care and condition are based on lab results. Doctors depend on information received from clinical laboratories in order to make the best possible choices for you. This is why it is important to make sure that the clinical laboratory you choose provides the highest quality results.

The choice of what clinical laboratory you visit is up to you. Some laboratories have larger range of tests, while others employ top specialists in pathology. Doctors usually know which labs offer which services and some doctors have preference over certain labs due to their proven test accuracy.

Just remember the importance of choosing the right clinical laboratory before you make your final choice.

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