The largest of all the internal organs, the liver, plays a crucial role in our body’s health. It keeps the human body’s complex internal chemistry in balance. It takes raw nutrients from our digestive system and then processes them so they can be stored and sent to different parts of our body in the right form and quantity. It also helps remove toxins, drugs and hormones from our bloodstream. It may be worth checking out the various liver cleanse benefits that one can get from certain supplements in order to maintain your liver’s working order and continued health.

To see whether our liver is still healthy and is still functioning properly, certain blood tests are done. Also called, liver function tests, these blood tests measure the amount of particular chemicals in the blood. This gives a gauge of possible damage to liver cells which can be caused by many things including HCV.

Among the liver function tests is the GGT or Gamma Glutamyl Transpeptidase. GGT is an enzyme produced in the bile ducts that may be elevated due to bile duct illness. The GGT test is extremely sensitive and may be elevated due to any type of liver disease or by different drugs, including alcohol, even when liver disease is minimal.

If you will undergo a GGT Blood Test, your medical laboratory technician may tell you to stop taking any drugs that can affect the test. Drugs that can increase GGT levels include alcohol, phenytoin, and phenobarbital. Meanwhile, drugs that can decrease GGT levels include birth control pills and clofibrate.

Aside from determining liver health, GGT blood tests may also be done to screen for or monitor alcohol abuse. Many people who take these tests end up going to somewhere like this luxury alcohol rehab in Hawaii to help them get the help they need to recover from their addiction. The tests show how damaged the liver is and if the individual has had a heavy alcohol intake that has continued for several weeks. Medical professionals relate greater than normal levels of GGT to alcohol abuse, diabetes, cholestasis which occurs when the flow of bile from the liver is blocked, heart failure, hepatitis, liver ischemia or lack of blood flow, liver necrosis, liver tumor, lung disease, pancreas disease, cirrhosis or scarring of the liver, as well as use of drugs that are toxic to the liver.

Our liver is important for our over-all health. No one wants to have a scarred and non-functioning liver. To know if your liver is still healthy, ask your doctor about how you can have a GGT blood test today. You can also check out a site similar to to learn more about ways to maintain a healthy liver.

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