How to Boost the Economy by Supporting Local Healthcare

Every time you buy produce at the farmer’s market or purchase a shirt from a small boutique, you’re stimulating the local economy, but what happens when you keep your health services local?

As large corporations grow, many local businesses are forced to close or have been bought out by the “big guys.” This is a problem because local businesses provide benefits to the local economy by keeping money in the community, and the same goes for your trip to the lab to get blood work done. We are an independent and locally-owned business, and as the second-highest contributor of taxes in Clermont, it is extremely important to us to keep business local in Central Florida.

Keeping your business local allows us to:

  • Keep money local – Large companies don’t benefit your local community because the revenue they make is dispersed all over the world, but locally owned businesses recycle their money back into the community. Even some independent healthcare companies and testing labs are spread thin nationally, which also goes for charitable contributions. People depend on local businesses to support and donate to local causes. When there is more money to be used locally, businesses like Vista are more likely to donate to a local cause or organization.
  • Create more jobs in the area – Locally-owned businesses create more jobs for the area with better benefits. This is especially true in the healthcare industry. Each lab, hospital and clinic requires a dedicated staff to bring the safest and most efficient services to their patients. Across our Patient Service Centers, we employ about 340 community members to bring better services to the community they know and love.
  • Form strong relationships with patients – We strive to make our patients feel welcome the second they walk through our doors by learning their names and needs early on in our testing process. That way, whether you’re a returning patient with cyclical testing or a new referral, you know you are in the best hands possible.

We understand the importance of relying on smaller businesses to benefit the Central Florida area. Our founder, Davian Santana, is firm in believing that Vista will remain a private, independent and local company. Next time your doctor recommends blood work, take your order to Vista to stay local and benefit your community.




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