There are instances where a person needs to get a blood test done but is incapable of going to the blood test center. Maybe the person is too sick or too weak to travel just for a blood test. But the test is needed to get done immediately as the doctor needs the results already, is there a way to get the blood test done?

Home phlebotomy is the best way to do this. But first, what is phlebotomy? Phlebotomy is drawing blood from the vein using medical needles. The blood sample taken is then examined in a laboratory by a physician with the use of all sorts of equipment, such as centrifuges from, which separate the blood to allow the different components to be analyzed. The type of results will depend on the blood test requested or ordered. Phlebotomy is also the act in which the blood drawn is used for blood transfusion. The medical professional who draws blood is called phlebotomist.

There are people who have medical conditions that require them to have regular phlebomotomy. This can be such a hassle especially if the person lives far away from the lab, hospital or blood testing center. In such case, home phlebotomy can be very helpful in regularly drawing a blood sample from the patient to monitor his or her health condition. People with hemochromatosis and polycythemia have frequent phlebotomy.

Phlebomotists are trained to extract blood properly. They attend vocational schools or a local college to learn how to do phlebotomy. Other than drawing blood, the phlebotomist should also keep a calm disposition. Patients can feel fear and anxiety during the blood drawing process which can cause them to feel dizzy afterwards. The phlebotomist should help calm the person down and be able to proceed with the phlebotomy successfully.

In the U.S., employers of professional medical institutions require phlebotomists to be certified by the American Medical Technologists, American Society of Clinical Pathology or the American Society for Phlebotomy Technicians. This is to make sure that phlebotomists are trained and qualified for the job.

Home phlebotomy is very convenient as the patient can just stay at home, wait for the phlebotomist and rest afterwards. There’s no more falling in line and waiting for your turn in the blood testing center. In addition, phlebotomists can also check blood pressure, take urine and fecal samples to the lab. So if the patient is resting at home and he or she needs a series of blood tests done, home phlebotomy is the best way to do it.


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