Until recently, there wasn’t a medication to lessen the chances of heart attack, stroke or heart failure for diabetes patients. Now, a new drug, Jardiance, is bringing hope to people with this disease. According to the Los Angeles Times, a recent study found people who took Jardiance with their regular diabetes medication were 38 percent less likely to die as a result of a cardiovascular problem during the three years that the subjects were tracked. In the past, diabetes medications improved metabolic functions, but they were unsuccessful in lowering the number of heart attacks and strokes.

Approximately 23.6 million adults in America suffer from diabetes and are more likely to have cardiovascular problems in the future. According to the American Diabetes Association, diabetes causes more deaths each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. While developing innovative medication is important, the most accurate way to begin treating diabetes is early detection. Some Type 2 diabetes symptoms are so mild, it’s difficult to detect without proper testing. Some diabetes symptoms include increased hunger and thirst, fatigue, headaches and frequent urination. In order to decrease your risk of complications, it’s important to visit your doctor to order a blood test if you feel you may be at risk.

Whether or not Jardiance pans out as a major medical innovation, it is a definite step forward for diabetes treatment. Vista provides diabetes testing at all of our locations. For more information about our testing or any of the other services we offer, contact us.

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