Rain showers are increasing, temperatures are rising and mosquitoes are coming out for the summer. As humidity increases, residents need to be aware of the risks these bothersome little insects present. Local officials are on the lookout for mosquitoes carrying blood-transferred diseases like Chikungunya and Dengue. The best way to protect yourself from these diseases is to prevent mosquito bites, so our experts put together some tips to keeping you and your family safe in the warm months of summer.

  1. Cover up: If possible, try to wear loose, light clothing that covers your arms and legs. Non-fitted clothing also stops mosquitos from biting you through the material.
  2. Dump out standing water: If you have an unattended kiddy pool, abandoned tires or discarded industrial containers, remove or cover them immediately. When water is left stagnant in a warm environment, it becomes a breeding ground for mosquitos.
  3. Use repellent: Using bug spray is the easiest way to protect yourself, and when used as directed, is perfectly safe.
  4. Don’t let them in your home: Avoid leaving doors or windows open for any extended amount of time. Keeping mosquitos outside will give you peace of mind in your home.

While these diseases can be scary, they are also avoidable. If you get bitten by a mosquito and start experiencing fever, joint pain, headaches or rashes, contact your doctor or local testing center to get a diagnosis. Follow our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages for updates about mosquito season and more tips to staying safe.

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com/health/os-orange-county-mosquito-control-20150625-story.html

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