Prevention is better than cure. But what if you already have the disease, what’s the next best thing to do? Cancer can be a fatal health condition if not detected early. When it comes to cancer, the next best thing is to preempt any symptoms so you can get treatment right away.  And the best way to preempt these symptoms is to undergo cancer screening.

Cancer Screening

Cancer screening helps you detect the symptoms before they appear. This gives you a good warning sign if you have cancer or not and then do something about it right away. For cancer screening, we can do a urine test, blood test or medical imaging.

Cancer screening is very helpful in detecting cancer symptoms from people who do not show any symptoms at all. With cancer, the highest chance of successful treatment lies in early detection. However, there are so many types of cancer that you may need to undergo several screening tests to get accurate results.

The Benefits of Cancer Screening

As we’ve talked about, cancer screening is very important in early detection of cancer signs and symptoms that may not have manifested yet. This gives you the best chance to get the appropriate treatment early on.

The most common types of cancer being screened are breast cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer. Our tests are reliable and will provide you with accurate results.

Do note that there are cancer screening tests that may give you a false positive. This can cause anxiety, fear and panic. There are cases when results are false negatives, making you believe you’re cancer-free but you’re really not. Our cancer screening methods are effective and we guarantee that your results will be accurate.

For people who suspect they might have melanoma skin cancer, you may have to check with a skin doctor or a dermatologist. Usually, moles are a sign that you may have cancer or the possibility of having one in the future. A skin doctor is the best person to determine if your mole is cancerous or not.

CT Scans and MRI

Both these whole body imaging methods are also used for cancer screening. But with the CT scan, there is more exposure to radiation especially if the person doesn’t show any clear symptoms. On the other hand, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) has less risk of radiation and can detect cancerous tumors closely.


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