Vista Clinical Named Best of the Best by CLP Magazine

Vista Clinical Diagnostics offers the industry’s most advanced testing, and recently introduced a partnership program for smaller and medium-size labs.

What if your favorite fine restaurant were to start offering even better menu choices—while lowering their prices, and reducing your wait time? You’d probably start going there more often, while telling your friends about it. What if you were in the restaurant business as well? You’d definitely want to know how they were able to do all that! Well, this is how they did it… except we’re not really talking about a restaurant.

We’re talking about an independent lab that has grown at an average rate of 60% per year for 9 years. A lab that just recently began partnering with other labs—sharing their formula for success—and is now helping those labs grow as well.

Vista Clinical Diagnostics offers the industry’s most advanced testing (including molecular pathology), with prices at Medicare levels, in 44 spa-like centers, with 98.6% of their test menu results delivered the same day.

When Vista began offering same-day results in 2004, physician after physician would say, “You can’t give me results that fast. It’s impossible.” To which, Vista simply said they would, and they did. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Vista began charging self-pay patients at the same low rates as Medicare reimbursement. And, for those who thought Vista’s low rates were just a market-penetration tactic for the short term, that pricing structure has remained in place for the long term.

Yet, none of these accomplishments would have been possible had Vista not been founded on the principle of always putting the patient first.


In 2000, Davian Santana (Vista founder and president) was working for Beckman Coulter, installing and validating medical equipment in Florida. In doing his job, Santana got to see the internal operations of many laboratory facilities across the state. That’s when he began to notice an ongoing lack of personalized care, compounded by high prices and long wait times (for the patient’s on-site time, and for their results to be delivered).

“The patient was not being put first. Likewise, neither were the physicians or the facilities who depended on those labs to deliver timely and accurate results,” Santana says. “Everywhere I looked, it was another upside-down paradigm—another case of ‘the tail wagging the dog.’ “

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