As part of our ongoing initiative to go green, we are pleased to announce our latest effort towards this commitment – Vista is going green with Viewpost, a secure B2B paperless invoicing network. Vista’s medical records are already entirely electronic; this signifies a second, significant shift to paperless by enabling us to completely handle invoices and billing online.

We prioritize staying on top of industry trends as the standard for the healthcare industry as it moves towards digital, and we believe that electronic patient records and digital billing services are important for promoting better, more accountable data keeping.

As a growing local health services provider, we are excited to work with Viewpost, another Orlando-based company, to provide this service to our patients. Setting itself apart in the marketplace, Viewpost offers unlimited free invoicing and a social network of business professionals to all its members. Unlike traditional billing and invoicing methods, Viewpost’s services are not labor-intensive and cause no harm to the environment. We look forward to gathering your feedback as we make this change!


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