In the medical industry, a good patient experience is frequently judged by customization. You want to know that your healthcare providers are doing all they can to bring you solutions that are specific to your needs.

With innovation at the forefront of our minds, we opened a pharmacy in affiliation with our Clermont patient service center. With our pharmacy, patients can get their bloodwork done, get results and fill their prescriptions with the people that know them best. Having technicians, pathologists and pharmacists from the same company working together on each individual patient means consistency and familiarity across all treatments.

Just as any pharmacy, anyone with a prescription is welcome to use it, whether you are a patient at Vista or not. As a member of the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA), we have access to compounding formulas and member training, along with other resources to ensure we give patients exactly what they need in the simplest ways possible.

When to use the Vista Specialty Pharmacy:

  • If you require routine blood work. We can provide cyclical filling for prescriptions to go along with your routine testing at the same location.
  • If you require personalized medicine. Our pharmacists are trained in compounding, meaning they can combine individual ingredients to make a prescription based on your specific needs.
  • If you do not have transportation. We offer shipping and delivery services when you can’t pick up your prescriptions.
  • If you need an affordable option. Our prices are not set in stone. We are willing to work with you to negotiate a price right for you and your medication.

If you have any questions about our pharmacy services, contact us at 352.989.5850 or


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