Blood brings oxygen and nutrients to the cells in your body and carries away the metabolic wastes. It is essential in the proper functioning of the bodily organs. But more than this, the blood can show numerous diseases and illnesses, which is why a blood test is performed.

Physicians order blood test to determine any possible health concerns. However, the type of test  conducted depends on the specific  information your doctor is looking for.

The Normal Blood Test

In the Patient Service Center or Draw station, a blood sample will be taken from the patient. A tight band will be wrapped close to the area to engorge the vein with blood. The area will be wiped with an antiseptic and then the needle will be inserted. Once the blood sample is taken, the needle is pulled out and cotton is pressed on the wound.

Other Types of Blood Test

Depending on the type of test needed, there are other ways to take blood samples. The phlebotomist (the person drawing your blood sample) may insert a butterfly needle, if the patient needs several samples over a given time frame. Through this method, the needles need not be taken out and re-inserted.

When checking for blood sugar level, a small amount of blood will do. Usually, just prick the earlobe or a fingertip is sufficient to get the blood sample.

Blood Test Complications

When having your blood drawn, there can be minor complications that occur, most commonly patients develop mild bruising. Sometimes, the wound can become infected but this is quite rare. Also, there are patients that faint during the session. Some due to fear of needles, while others become lightheaded.

What are Blood Samples for?

Samples are used for many different reasons. Ranging from diagnosing health conditions or ruling them out. It can also used for monitoring health conditions to check the severity or improvement. As well as to check the proper functioning of internal organs.

The most common tests done includes full blood count, blood sugar level, blood cholesterol level, thyroid function, liver function, kidney function and immunology. Bring your doctor’s prescription with your when doing the test.

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