Have you ever turned to Google when you discovered a strange rash on your body to determine if it was life-threatening? The Internet allows people to use common websites such as WebMD and Family Doctor to diagnose a health issue without seeing a doctor, but it can be scary when you wrongly diagnose yourself with a condition you don’t actually have. Two situations are especially likely to occur when self-diagnosing: failure to diagnose a serious illness or the overdiagnosis of a common symptom. Information found online should be used only as a reference upon which a diagnosis should not solely rely.

Reasons to avoid self-diagnosing:

  • Patient anxiety
  • Misrepresentative of real health condition
  • Leads to unnecessary testing

Why doesn’t self-diagnosing work?

A mild case of the sniffles may seem like a common cold, but it could also be a newly developed allergy that can only be detected through a blood test. If you’re not a doctor, you probably don’t have the experience or knowledge to correctly diagnose your own health condition. Doctors have had firsthand experience comparing a variety of illnesses to understand the differences between a minor irritation and a more serious infection. It is important to trust your doctor’s judgement because, after all, they are there to give you accurate medical advice.

If you get a paper cut a bandage should suffice but in general, self-diagnosis shouldn’t take the place of an in-person doctor’s visit. The Internet can be a useful health tool, but you should be cautious when researching and diagnosing your own illnesses. If you’re worried about spending too much money on preventative measures or visits to stay on the safe side, we offer low-priced Medicare rates for the uninsured. Don’t leave your next issue to chance or worry yourself over nothing. Talk to your doctor to get a bloodwork order, and then consider choosing Vista for your next round of tests.





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