Patients who’ve been feeling sick with symptoms worse than the common symptoms of colds and flus are often asked to get a blood test. That’s because blood testing can easily help determine what the sickness really is. The human blood holds information that can assist the doctor in making the proper diagnosis and giving the right treatment.

When the doctor requests for a blood test, the patient goes to a blood testing center to get it done. However, before going to the blood testing center, you should obtain a proper request order for the blood test you need. There are so many types of blood tests, simply saying “I need to have a blood test done” in the blood testing center won’t do a thing.

What are the common reasons why people undergo blood testing? What are the tests for? What can the doctor deduce from the results?

  • Pregnancy. Doctors can request for blood testing to validate whether the patient is pregnant or not. While over-the-counter pregnancy tests can be helpful, doctors still prefer getting the results of a blood test for accuracy.
  • Diseases. Doctors request for blood testing to check the presence of diseases like diabetes, cancer, HIV, hepatitis B and many more. Blood tests help in detecting early signs of diseases so the doctor can immediately find a treatment and implement it before things get worse.
  • Before Marriage. There are states that require a soon-to-be married couple to get a blood test before marriage. The point of the test is to check if one of the couples of sexually transmitted diseases or also checks for vaccinations.
  • Blood problems. The best way to detect a problem in the blood is through a blood test. For instance, people who are suspected to be anemic (lacking in red blood cells) are asked to have a CBC blood count done to see if the red blood cell count is really lower than the normal.
  • Platelet count. People who suffer from dengue fever or suspected to have dengue take several blood tests. This is to monitor if the platelet count is going down. If it is, the person has dengue fever. During the treatment, the blood tests are still ongoing to check if the platelet count is rising, which means the patient is getting better.

All blood tests are done to check your health and well-being. Don’t fear going to the blood testing center for extraction. The test will only take a few seconds and the pain level is highly bearable.

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