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Everything You Need to Know about Fasting for a Blood Test

Some blood tests require fasting prior to a visit, but many patients…

News Update: A New Drug to Benefit People with Diabetes

Until recently, there wasn’t a medication to lessen the chances…

Vista’s Place in the Healthcare Industry

We didn’t always reside in a 35,000-square-foot facility with…

Outreach & Involvement

Vista Clinical Diagnostics recognizes the importance of supporting charitable activities within the community. Our company was founded with the spirit of giving in mind. As part of the Vista mission, we support numerous local and national charities and causes.

All charitable requests must be submitted on the letterhead of your non-profit, tax-exempt organization. If you are a 501(c3) organization, please include a copy of your “letter of determination” from the IRS. Please remember to include all details about your activity and what specific donation or assistance you are requesting.

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